Together  We  Serve  –  The  Power  of  We

Opening session at Bailey Hall

Welcome to a performance style with a live musician and spoken word testimonials from students.

Broward College Welcome’s Amy Carol Webb.

Whether it’s your intimate seasonal retreat or your international annual conference, Amy’s multi-dimensional interactive presentations will take your event to a new level.

Whether your purpose is to laugh, learn, motivate or meditate, Amy’s degree in Theater and long history as musician, producer, educator and entertainer provides a custom-tailored group experience that is both universal in its wit and wisdom and unique to your event’s particular purpose. Amy’s uncommon ability to inspire empowers people of all ages to discover and recover their personal creativity, improve communication in both professional and personal relationships, and develop focus at work and freedom at play.

David Chew

Kaya DeCosta

Jada Burrows

Jayson Chery

Juliet Dell

Deyonn Daniels

The performance of the opening session will work through

The power of one Voice


The power of Resilience


The power of Education


The power of Art


The power of Justice


The power of Truth


The power of Community