Dimensions Framework

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The personal and professional dimensions represent both internal characteristics and values and external audiences and content. The dimensions are multi-faceted just like each individual who engages in growth and development within and between the dimensions. Provided below are some prompts to help you reflect on the dimension and think about opportunities to enhance these aspects of your personal and professional spaces.

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who do you serve? Who do you teach?
Who do you support? Who are your students? Who do your students want to be?
Who do you "show up" for? Who supports you? Who do you need support from?
What are your goals? What is your role? What subject do you teach? What comes next in your industry?
What do your need from your leaders or colleagues? What influence do you want to have in your community? What do you need to be successful in your position?
What does the next generation bring?
Why do you stay? Why do you teach? Why do you support? Why do you serve?
Why are you here? Why are your students here? Why are your colleagues here? Why do you "show up"?
Why do you work at a community college? Why did you choose higher education as your career?
How did your students get here? How do you "show up"? How can you influence change? How will you adapt to change?
How did you get here? How do you teach? How do you serve? How do you support
How do you develop your skills? How do you inspire others?
When did you start at Broward College? When did you start teaching? When did you choose higher education as your career?
When do you teach? When do you do your best work? When are you most productive? When are you available to students?
Where do you teach? Where are you in your career? Where can you make a difference?
When can you influence change? Where are you headed? Where are your students headed?